11 Makeup Tricks for Pale Skin

Makeup for pale skin

For pale skin, you require special makeup tricks because it is quite a tricky matter to handle. No one wants to hide their pale skin and doesn’t also want to cover it with lots of makeup.

There are many makeup tricks that one can use and it will work well with the pale skin. Here you will find 11 useful tricks that really worked well with my pale skin.

1. Soft and Light-Colored Lip

Have you ever checked how olive or tanned skin goes with a light crimson lip? You can check it at once. Just keep your bold red, and orange lipsticks aside and try once the soft apricot or sandy pink, peach, or rosy pink lipsticks.

This will give you much stunning look by making your face beautiful. It will allow you to flaunt your beautiful lips.

2. Right Eye Shadow Shades for Eyes

To make your pale skin makeup trick flawless, you need to get the right shade for your eye makeup. Natural, light colors are the best option for pale skin gray, champagne, soft pink, and light browns go best for the pale skin girls. To make your eyes beautiful, you can use grey hues too.


Blusher is the best makeup product for alabaster skin. You need to keep it completely natural but don’t overdo the blusher part. Soft peach, pale pink, and apricot shades are best for porcelain skin.

If you don’t know which one to pick up, you can try the NARS blusher in Orgasm. It comes with tender hues that can suit all types of skin colors effortlessly and also pale skin.


To get nutty, choose the right colors for the eyes and make a little darker eye makeup. Just opt for black mascara or the blackest black, which I use personally. It goes best with fair skin and gives your eyes a dramatic look.

You should avoid those unique colors like blue, plum, or light black mascaras or glittery ones.  Chanel and L’Oreal have some great dark mascara options.


 Liquid eyeliners are quite outdated nowadays and most people use pencil eyeliners these days. But for the fairer skin girls, liquid eyeliners can do the magic. With liquid ones, you will get straight lines and other options like making cat eyes.  

If you have good practice with liquid eyeliner, you can try different types of eye makeup with it.


On your porcelain skin, you can try different colors but warm colors are best in this case. Soft honey, light pink, and peach colors can add beauty to your fair chicks. But keep it airy and light to look pretty and stunning.


There are many colors that pale skin girls need to avoid. Bright blues, browns, pinks, or any bright colors are not suitable that you will have already in your cheeks. For blush, you should avoid warm colors, especially for bronzers. Avoid yellow-based colors that may wash you out.   


Don’t use too much face powder, it can give you a cakey look and can make you awkward. You can choose the tinted or lighter moisturizer for your face. BB creams are a good choice for pale-skinned girls.

If you love face powder, you will not get the same kind of coverage but face powder can give you a made-up look that the BB cream will not give you. If you are fond of compact powders, try different colors and different types of powder to get the best one that suits your skin tone.


Bronzers are for all types of skin. Bronzers will not make your skin tan or darker. A good perfect color bronzer can give you a natural glow and it can also warm up the face of a pale skin girl. A few shades of a darker shimmery bronzer than your natural skin color will look beautiful on your cheek, temples, browbones, cheekbones, and lips.

These colors will enhance the beauty of your natural skin tone. Use a blush with your bronzer to even out the makeup. But don’t use it too much and turn your face completely orange. Keep it natural.


Neutral and lighter colors are best suitable for the pale skin girls. But do you know, what looks more beautiful? The true fact is, everyday makeup tricks that go well with other types of skin, do not suit the pale skin girls and they can make a splash on them.

For a night out, you choose the red color lipstick for a bold look. If you don’t have an idea about the best red lipstick, you can try the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout. This shade is easy to use and has a unique blue-based red color. It goes perfectly with the fair skin girls.


This is the right option for the fair skin girl with light hair. Spend some time to fill and draw your eyebrows so that they will never look loose on the face. For the girls with darker eyebrows, fill it only if you find it necessary otherwise enjoy the beauty of your natural eyebrows.

Choosing the best trick for a pale-skinned girl is not an easy task. It can take time to find the right one that suits you best. Well, what is your secret of flawless makeup? Just try it and share your unique trick with me.