How to Reduce Under-Eye Circles Naturally?

How to Reduce Under-Eye Circles

Creams to treat dark circles under the eyes can be quite costly. However, you can find natural methods to reduce black circles under the eye, which cost much less than the pricey creams available on the market. As everyone suffers from black circles sometime or other, it can be great to know that there are natural ways that can reduce black circles from under the eyes easily and effectively.

Under-eye circles are caused due to various factors, such as lack of sleep and stress. Getting the precious 8 hours of sleep is not always possible, but it is among the best ways to remove those black circles. If getting that much sleep is impossible for you, there are other ways to get rid of black circles than using concealer.

You may use a few natural topical treatments or add particular foods to your diet to reduce the circles. You might not feel so assured about such methods, but these can be wonderful for people who remain too busy to care about their makeup. Here are some ways to naturally reduce under-eye circles.

1. Collard Greens

Add this to your daily diet and it can work wonders to reduce those circles. These are big leafy green vegetables that can help reduce dark circles when they are consumed regularly. These are rich in magnesium and chlorophyll, both of which are effective in reducing stress – a common factor that leads to black circles.

These also have Lipoic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, It regenerates the vitamins E and C and can decrease dark eye circles. Collard greens, other than lipoic acid, are also rich in Vitamin C.

As you probably already know, Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that can boost immunity and the ability of the body to repair itself. It can make the skin brighter and reduce the darkness. If you are not sure how to add collard greens to your everyday diet, try to have them as a green smoothie.

2. Bananas

Too less sleep, as is widely known, can lead to dark circles. If you are too busy to get sufficient sleep and toss and turn on your bed at night, you can try to have these fruits. Bananas are packed with magnesium and Vitamin B6, and these nutrients can promote good sleep. When you can have better sleep, you can find the black circles starting to lighten.

Bananas are rich in Vitamin C and can reduce black circles very easily. Have a smoothie comprising banana and collard green, which can help in reducing those black circles from your eyes. Your eyes can look brighter and more rested when you have bananas daily for a few weeks.

3. Celery

It is one more food that can be added to your everyday diet to remove all those shadows from beneath your eyes. There are balanced levels of potassium and sodium in Celery, which can help reduce swelling. It can reduce puffy eye problems, which can make your dark eye circles appear better given that swelling only makes eyes look darker.

The presence of Phthalide, a chemical compound in Celery, helps reduce the stress hormones that are one of the primary causes of under-eye circles. Phthalide also relaxes the arteries, letting blood flow easily. Thus, you are less likely to suffer from the pooling of blood around the eyes and leading to darkness.

4. Cucumber Slices

It is among the best and commonest remedies for black circles beneath the eyes. You can lay cold cucumber slices on the eyes for 10 minutes, which can offer effective relief from dark eye circles. Cucumber is cool and can soothe the skin under the eyes.  

It has many nutrients such as Caffeic acid and Vitamin C that can brighten the skin and reduce black circles. A phytochemical, Caffeine acid can lighten the skin and reduce darkness. Other than laying slices of cucumber onto your eye skin, you may even eat these to get rid of circles. However, giving rest to your eyes with these slices on the skin of the eyes can let you enjoy faster results.

5. Raw Potato

These are also great for reducing darkness under the eyes. There is a natural bleaching agent in raw potatoes that can make the skin lighter and remove tiredness in your eyes. To get optimal benefits, grate some cold raw potatoes and squeeze out the juice.

Soak a couple of cotton balls into this juice and cover your eyes with them for 10 – 15 minutes. Once you take off these balls, you can find a reduction in under-eye circles. Raw potatoes are quite useful and are among the low-cost ways to remove darkness from under the eyes.

6. Apple Slices

If you do not like to put raw potato juice onto your eyes, apple slices can definitely be a much better – and more aesthetic – option. Apples can make your skin tone lighter due to the presence of tannic acid. These are packed in potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B. These nutrients can serve to provide nourishment to your skin and make it look healthier.

You can put apple slices over your eyes for half an hour, in order to benefit from the nutrients and tannic acid present in the fruit. It will let the skin soak up the nutrients, and you would begin to witness the benefits in a few days.

7. Almond Oil

You can use it in the form of an eye cream each night, to reduce dark circles from under your eyes. There are powerful nutrients in almond oil that can lighten the skin beneath your eyes. Vitamin E is among the top nutrients present in almond oil, which can make it very effective.

This is a type of antioxidant that can help your skin to get rid of dark patches over a period. If you regularly apply this oil to your eye skin each night, you can soon begin to witness a difference. Almond oil is a very effective ingredient in skin care products.