Makeup for Women – Which Mistakes Make You Look Older?

Makeup that makes you look older

As you grow older, most of your habits also change slowly. However, that does not hold true for your own beauty regimen. You need to amp your experience up. In case your mistakes in eye makeup matter somewhat less as compared to your younger days, they happen to grow on you as age advances.

You can look slightly older than your age when you go without applying much concealer or lip liner. As you would like to avoid this at all costs, check whether you can avoid some makeup errors.

1. Intense Dark and Smoky Eyes

In the younger days, you can work wonders with dark eyeliner and shadow when you have an attractive smoky party look. However, as you grow older, the darkness around your eyes does not produce a nice effect. Rather, the eyes start getting smaller and the wrinkles get more prominent.

This is why it is important to have softer and lighter colors. The black needs to be substituted with chocolate, to ensure that the eyes are accentuated but the intensity is much less. Proper eye makeup is essential.

2. Making the lower lashes too accentuated

You can find many women using the same makeup techniques that they used in their 20s. But it goes without saying that what looks cool 1 – 2 decades back does not do well when the skin ages a little.

The use of mascara or eyeliner that is too dark may cause your face to look older by years if it is applied to the bottom water line or the lower lashes. It makes the shadow too much prominent, which does not flatter your eyes anymore.

Do not accentuate the lower section of your eyes too much. Rather, play the top lashes up for a fresh effect.

3. Picking the wrong type and shade of powder

The powder is excellent to have a shiny impact. But as you age and your skin gets more and more wrinkled the dermis along with the large pores get filled with a dense powder.

If you want a softer and fresher look, you should pick an HD-pressed powder that has a translucent effect and can offer a sheer finish to your skin, hiding the wrinkles.

4. Use lots of concealers

As you find your skin aging more and more, you need to depend more on concealers. On the other hand, such a makeup tool can show the lines on the face and make people know how old you are.

Thus, the application of a concealer needs you to consider a few things. First of all, you have to choose liquid concealers that can highlight your face. These will moisturize your skin much better and make it appear smoother. You should then apply the concealer beneath the eyes, but only over the inner halves.

5. Wearing Heavy or Glittery Shadows

If you still want to experiment with your looks, it is okay. However, you have to set it about more carefully. However, too bold experiments can make you look more aged. The last thing that you would want is to have bags show beneath your eyes or have eyelids that are sagging.

Try to apply shades around the matte, and look for a definition that does not overwhelm your appearance.

6. Ignoring Lip Pencil

If you make heavy use of lipstick, it is excellent. However, if you are aging, it is important to line your lips well. If thin lines have appeared around the hips, you can have your lipstick show up.

Use the liner to ensure a prominent and exquisite pout in your mouth. Strictly keep the lipstick in as graceful a manner as possible.

7. Not Using Primer

This is the time when you require a primer more than ever before. It can do justice to your skin and offer an excellent basis for your foundation.

You will like to hide those large pores and facial lines. Thus, when you apply a foundation, there is no need to worry about the same.

Make use of a primer that is silicone-based, and can help you to deal with the tiny imperfections on your face and body.

8. Coloring Hair Improperly

Have you made successful makeup experiments with your hair shade since you were 20 years old? You might have had an enjoyable time, but now it can appear very tough to give your hair a specific shade.

Try out a multi-tonal dye and you will love how you can have a layered appearance which can ensure a youthful appearance, and offer more depth.

9. Avoiding Makeup on the Brow

Thick brows can make you look younger, and older women can actually appear more youthful. You can give your brows a nice arch with a type of shading to the adjoining regions. You can use a makeup pencil to achieve a prominent line drone and use an angle-tip brush and a waxy palette to have a softer effect.