Makeup tips to look gorgeous in any picture

Makeup tips to look gorgeous in any picture

How do I look better in a selfie? This is a question that is on the minds of most women out there who are constantly in search of good make-up tricks and tips that can ensure a wonderful photo. It could be that you are looking for that perfect selfie that would make you look good with make-up.

Here are some makeup tips that can make you look great – whether on your phone camera or the camera of a professional photographer.

1. Use a primer

It feels good to see the effects of using a primer every day, particularly on those days when you wish to look better in your photographs. With primer, your skin will look better and your foundation will appear more natural and smoother.

It will also make you look more radiant before the camera instead of highlighting all those bumps on your skin under the foundation.

2. Go for matte

Flat in color, mattes come with no shimmer or sparkle. When you want to be captured in photos, you would like to avoid anything that would reflect light over your face. The flash of the camera and the extra shimmer will make it look like you have spilled on yourself. Your beauty will look spoiled on camera, something that matte can avoid.

3. Use make-up in natural light

In order to get the best results, you should try to put on makeup under natural light. Your made-up appearance can get changed by indoor lighting. A few types of lights can wash you out, and make it seem as if you have applied loud make-up. People will wonder what went wrong with you when they see those photos.

4. Make use of yellow-tinted powder

It is better to apply yellow-tinted powder than translucent or shimmery powders for photos. The light will be reflected by other powders, and make you leave with a shine. They can also make you look washed out in the photographs. That is undoubtedly the last thing that you would want to look like in your precious selfies.

5. Use a little concealer

Most people try to hide the dark circles beneath their eyes with a little concealer. While it is okay for regular use, the use of a concealer under the eyes in photos occasionally can look slightly harsh. Blend the concealer out very well. In case your concealer is not blended properly, it might show some fine lines and your eyes will look odd with coloring around them.

6. Try deep colors

Try skipping the use of pastel colors when you have to use eye shadows. Pastels will ultimately wash out your eye shadows from the flash of the camera. But rich, deep shadows will cause your eyes to pop. Try chocolate brown or golden brown in case you wish to play it safe comparatively. Try a red or emerald color, in case you feel particularly experimental.

7. Use black mascara and black liner

Lots of experts, who offer guidance on how you can appear amazing and lovely in photographs, recommend the use of black mascara and liner. In case you generally use these in brown color, choose them in black. With a darker color, you can get better contrast – which would cause your eyes to pop more. That is something you would always want.

8. Try a blusher

If you skip blush, it will wash out your face – particularly beneath a heavy flash. With a blush, your face will look more well-defined. In its absence, you will not have anywhere close to the definition you would want.

Even a small amount of blush can give definition to the face. However, you should take care not to apply too much blush. Begin light and add more if required.

9. Care for your lips

While you brush your teeth and wash your face daily, your lips need care as well. You have to show some gentle care for them. Before going for photo sessions, use coconut oil to exfoliate the lips. Then use a warm washcloth to buff it away slowly. Apply a little chapstick and let it be absorbed by your lips before you try anything more on your lips.

10. Do not avoid the lipstick

If you really want to look good in your photos, do not skip the lipstick. Ignoring the lipstick will only make your mouth blend in with the other parts of your face. For the best results, you have to contrast all your facial features. Go for a bold lip look or even a nude lip look if you feel like it. All of it actually rests on the type of look that you would want to have.

11. Try a Lip Liner 

It can be your best buddy. A Lip liner can prevent your face from getting ‘bled’ by your lipstick. It will make you look picture-perfect throughout the day.

12. Take care of your teeth

Few things can be worse than posing for a photo and flashing your pearlies, only to find it later that your teeth have been stained by your lipstick. Before going near a camera, or taking out your mobile phone for a selfie, always ensure that the inner side of your lips is completely clean so that no lipstick is transferred to your pearly whites.

You can make sure of this by having a pucker face and then sliding a fully clean finger through pursed lips. Then, your entire lip color will be there on your fingers rather than on your teeth!

13. Make your teeth white

As you would be wearing lipstick, a lot of attention would be drawn to your mouth. You will like to have gorgeous teeth each day, particularly in your photographs. Put on a few whitening strips on any day you want to get your photos clicked. Understand it can take only a couple of hours or so for most of the teeth whitening strips to make a big difference to your looks.

14. Avoid the shadows

Do not try to create any shadow effect on your own face with makeup. Try not to apply any dark shadow under the eyes. Also learn the proper way to position your face to the camera, so as to avoid shadows beneath your chin or across your face.

Try to always find a source of light and go with the same. When you find a source of light, your make-up will shine automatically.

15. Contour with highlight

Make use of a bronzer that is 1 – 2 shades darker as compared to your natural color, so as to brush it on beneath your chin and cheekbones, your forehead’s outer corners, and along either nose side. Put a lighter color over those areas that are illuminated by light. Apply it over the nose bridge, cupid’s bow, center of forehead, and top of cheeks.

16. Use white shadow on the eyes

Remember to use eye drops to avoid any red lines in the eyes. Even photos that would look good otherwise can be actually messed up by annoying bloodshot eyes. Apply a little white shadow on the inner corners of both eyes, to get eyes that look bigger and clearer. It will make you look alert, awake, and bright in your photos.

17. Add Bronzer

Many girls tend to make the common error of going overboard with their bronzer. However, that is not to say you should completely shun your bronzer. Rather, use it lightly but ensure that you are still making use of it.

18. Add a few lashes

Even if your eyelashes are really long, your eyes can be highlighted and made lovelier to look at when you add in some lashes along the eye corners. False lashes are the best way to try them.

19. Give your collarbones a contoured look

Your collarbones can be one of your best assets if you know how to use them nicely in photographs. If you have good, shapely collar bones, you can contour them and make them stand out. When you highlight them with makeup, you can appear slimmer and look more model-like.

20. Fill the eyebrows in

Patchy eyebrows are the last things that you would want in a photograph. When your face is photographed, your eyebrows are noticed even more. If you want to convey your emotions better and look younger than your years, fill in those eyebrows before you snap any photos of yourself.

21. Dab face with tissues

When a camera flashes, it always shows the excess sweat and oil over your face. Always have a pack of tissues on your person, and use them to dab your face quickly before you pose for a photo. It will give you a more matte appearance, without stripping you of your natural glow.

22. Shimmer and shine

Take care not to add too much shimmer. Add a small amount of loose finishing powder onto the space under your neck, when your makeup routine comes to an end. It will give you a more cherubic appearance. Too much shimmer can be more easily noticeable.

23. Set the make-up

Finally, apply a translucent powder onto your face to set the make-up. This will avoid ‘melting off’ of the cosmetics before you can get the best photo or selfie of yourself.