Top Hairstyles That Do Not Require Heat-Styling

If you feel that hair can be styled easily only with the help of heat, such as a flat iron, curling iron, or a hairdryer, you may be forgiven. Lots of women think so, and this has been a prevailing thought for many years.

The truth is, you can easily style your hair without using these things and yet get nice-looking hair that suits your face. You can give a break to your hair and try out these very easy hairstyles right now, which are completely heatless, but can make you look effortlessly sexy nonetheless.

1. Surfer Girl Wavy Hair

This wavy hairstyle of surfer girl style has been popularized by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker of ‘The Sex and the City fame. You are going to love it as well. You might wonder whether you can easily achieve a full head of well-polished and shiny waves without a 2-barrel or 3-barrel curling iron. But it is actually quite easy.

You can begin by shampooing your hair and conditioning it. Allow your hair to get dried until it gets a little damp. Make use of a comb with wide teeth that can make sure no more tangled hair issues have to be encountered. In case you have hair that is difficult to curl, apply a small amount of texturizing paste to the strands of your hair and rub it in. Then tie your hair, twist it, and form it into a messy bun. Allow your hair some time to get fully dried. Then, gradually untie your hair and style it as needed.

Keep in mind that the more you tie your hair and the more you make buns, you can get tighter curls.

2. Frizzy Crimped Style

Yes! You can toss out the crimping iron to curl your hair and try this natural-looking style. It is very hot and can be achieved in just an hour or so. Give your hair a wash 1 hour before you retire to your bed, and let it dry naturally for around 30 minutes. Then braid the hair into many tight and thin braids. Leave your braids in such a state overnight. When you wake up in the morning, undo your hair and style it. That’s all!

This overnight styling can work wonders if you have straight, curly, or oily hair.

3. Wild Curly Hair

Do you require some more basic and easy hairstyles that do not need any heat protector or heat? This is one that you may go for, and you do not need a regular or hot roller to get it. You may use old socks or cut an old pillowcase, sheet, or tee into long-sized strips, wrap parts of half-dried hair and put every section in the middle of the strip, before doing a roll-up.

After you have finished, simply tie the strip ends together and then move to the following section. Keep in mind that the smaller your hair sections, the tighter your hair is going to be.

4. Lose Natural Curls

There is something about natural loose curls that make them appear romantic. This is an easy hairstyle you can achieve with no application of heat, and you have to follow an elaborate process to achieve this fantastic style. Here is how you can get it:

•Begin with clean and dry hair.

 Wet the bottom half of the hair a little.

 Apply some of the styling mousses on the moist area of your hair.

 Comb your hair and uniformly distribute the mousse.

 Next, put up the hair in a bun that is rolled tightly.

 Let your hair dry and set for 2 hours.

 Let the hair down and have loose natural curls.

 This type of style can be effective for hair of any type.

5. Spiral curls

There is no need for a curling iron to get sexy curls, especially as you now know that wild spiral curls can be achieved even in the absence of heat. Actually, this style can be achieved with only a styling product of your preference and many bobby pins – as has been done for years.

The idea is to create spiral curls with no use of heat. Fold small parts of your wet hair to your scalp, and then use bobby pins to pin down those loops. You will need some time and have to be patient, but the final results will be so amazing that you would like to do it always.

This is one of the best easy hairstyles. It will be good for you to do this prior to going to bed. Keep the loops securely in position overnight by lying down for sleep with a shower cap in place.

6. Deep Curls

You can use old magazines in your home to get deep waves. This is an easy and low-cost process and can produce the best possible results. All that you need to do is ensure that your hair is slightly dampened, so the curls can grab on more easily and hair can get dried overnight. Once that is done, tear pages from a magazine, fold them as long as you want and wrap your hair around the same.

Bobby pins are the only stuff that you require, other than a magazine. The pins will keep the pages securely attached to your hair. The process does not get more convenient than this.

7. Vintage Hair

Most women love vintage easy hairstyles, which makes this style worth a look as retro is so in right now. Without the application of any heat, you can have nice waves and curls. You will only require some amount of patience, foam rollers, and a love for vintage Hollywood glamour, along with a superior bristle brush that does not cause any pain.

Vintage hair appears royal and brings the best of retro, which makes you look amazing – whether you are in the classroom, at the office, or out for a night of romantic date with a special one. As this style can be created with a lot of ease, you will love to try it every now and then.

8. Cocoon Curls

Do you want to have those slept-in and messy curls? You can let that curler go and try this method that allows you to have bouncy curls that need only the use of your fingers and no other tools.

You have to begin by moistening your hair a little. The entire technique involves giving your hair a twist and turns around itself as well as around your fingers. You can find videos on Cocoon Curls on YouTube and other websites, which would help you to get a visual idea of how it is done.

9. Twisty Hair

This is another of those easy hairstyles that do not need the use of any heat. It is among the best ways to get wild and big hair overnight! Take small sections of your hair and apply a small quantity of the hair styling product that you want. Next, twist every section until it begins to coil around the base.

Use bobby pins or tiny silicone bands to secure the small knot. Let these loose after 2 – 3 hours and you will immediately be able to get some twisty and sexy hair.

10. Bantu Knot Curls

You do not have to get the bombshell curls by burning the roots of your hair that are already too dry and end up damaging your hair. The use of a crimping iron might give you fantastic results but end up causing long-term damage to your hair.

Instead, you may opt to have Bantu knots that can easily be achieved and cause no hair damage. Simply get hold of a few hair bands and go on with the process. Twist a chunk of hair around. Start to twist it in the form of a bun shape.

After you have finished with the process, you can use a hair band to secure the twisted bun and go on doing the same with your entire head. You can wake up the following morning with amazing bombshell curls!

11. Prominent Wavy Hair

If there are quite a few scarves lying about in your closet, do not too those out. You can recycle these actually and use the same as hair curlers. All that you have to do is take damp hair sections and wrap the same around your scarf. After you are done with your entire head, sleeping on it is the thing that you have to do ultimately. This might be a little discomforting but there is no gain without a little pain.

All the above styles can help you to get great hair styling without any mess or heat. You have to do the entire preparatory work during the evening and then wake up to enjoy a set of gorgeous waves or curls that can be styled in a very minimal amount of time.

These are fantastic easy hairstyles that can make you look absolutely amazing but can be styled very easily.