Why Is It Good to Return to Your Natural Hair Color?

Opting to go back to all-natural hair color takes plenty of courage, and even more, if you have spent many years experimenting with various types of dyes or hair colors. It could be that you have never felt your hair to be quite special and had opted to dye it for that reason.

If dyeing your hair did not give you the results that you wanted, you would do better to opt for a natural hair look. There are lots of good reasons why you would like to have natural hair and these are some that you would like to take into consideration.

1. To cut down on expenses

There is a big reason to get your hair color restored to its original state. Trying to manage hair can be very costly, which is one reason why you would like to return to your natural hair color. It can save you money. If you have opted for a platinum blonde hair look, maintaining it can require you to spend some good money even if you are trying to go DIY.

This means buying special hair-care items, and tints, going for haircuts frequently, and choosing dyes. You might also have to go for a bleach job and professional dye job after every three months, in order to get rid of all the orange or yellow colored tones.

When you go natural, it can change many things. You can get rid of many costs associated with dyeing from your overall budget. You can, rather, reallocate your money into things that can really benefit your own health or improve your long-term beauty – such as organic food, fitness membership, and more.

2. Relaxation

There is utmost relaxation in the knowledge that there is no need to dye your hair after every 3 – 4 weeks, be concerned about the discontinuation of your dye, or have the need to check the roots of your hair every now and then.

This is a fantastic liberating experience that alone justifies why you should skip dyeing and return to the natural color of your hair. You have to obviously take this into consideration if you are planning to bid goodbye to dyes.

3. For making your hair grow

It is much more convenient to grow hair when you are not facing the problem of continued chemical damage. You have to obviously deal with the problem of the split end, and that includes the issues of dusting but not cutting the inches away – which might have been valued in case they had not been seriously damaged.

If you have not had long hair for a long time, this can be a good motivation for you to have your hair color changed drastically or even skipped altogether.  

4. To improve your hair quality

Even if longer hair does not hold any attraction for you, shiny hair will obviously will. No woman can escape the charm of shiny hair. Girls like hair that is supple, has a lot of volume, and comes with a healthy natural shine that is forgotten completely by women when they spend much time using strong chemicals.

If you have light blonde hair or dye / bleach your hair to get it lightened by a minimum of 2 – 3 shades, you can have a really interesting experience when you return to your own hair color. It is slightly weird in the beginning but will surely get better with time.

5. Paving the path for experimenting with hair

Another reason to return to your own natural hair color is the fact that you can have the best hair for every possible experiment in the future. If you have already dyed your hair black, red, or brown, it can be tough to go blonde.

Bleached hair can give you the best canvas where you can apply new colors and make experiments. But there will not be anything to prevent the bleeding of colorfast and other issues.

Going for the natural color of hair can be a welcome change and when you get bored of that color your hair stylist can aid you in changing to new things.

6. To be in love with your natural self again

When you have natural hair colors, you can find it changing slightly with each passing season. There is a warm chestnut brown shade during the winter months and burgundy and copper highlights in the summer season.

At times, people like to grow their hair only in their natural color. It is the only method of determining whether or not you are a lover of all-natural-looking hair.

7. For a change of appearance

It could be that you would like to return to your au naturel hair so that you do not have to be concerned about whether your dear ones would actually love your new color, whether it is going to suit you etc.

Why is that? This is because you are unlikely to look bad with what nature has gifted you. It is a color that you have been accustomed to for a long, and you do not have to worry about whether your hair color is matching your eye color and skin tone perfectly.

8. To concentrate on other things

When the color of your hair is dramatically different, there are plenty of things that do not look good on you. A drastic change might be fun in the beginning but when it becomes a routine, you are left to wonder whether anything more is worth trying out.

You have to realize that by returning to your au natural-looking hair, you can save time and focus on other important facets of life – such as personal relationships, professional commitments, and more. You can get more time to try out all those makeup tricks and dresses that you might have skipped or overlooked in the meantime.

9. Less need for maintenance

It can feel amazing to dye your hair out. But you need to admit that it needs plenty of maintenance. Whether it comes to all-over color, ombre, lowlights, highlights, or more, all of these need upkeep.

At times, you simply need to take a break from such an elaborate regimen. It is much more convenient to deal with natural hair color, as there is no need to be concerned about fading hair colors, covering the roots up, or more.

10. Avoiding mismatching colors

In case you have dyed your hair ever before, and used a color that is entirely different from your natural hair color, you have possibly come across issues with some types of colors not matching with each other. Some types of colors simply do not complement your hair. 

A few types of hair colors do not match your dresses or makeup shades, which makes them truly expensive and makes it a hassle for women to prepare themselves to go out whenever they want. In case women keep the natural color, they do not have to worry about any issues of colors not mismatching.

11. Avoiding exposure to chemicals

Many women also like to stop dyeing and coloring their hair, so that their hair does not get exposed to the chemicals that are there in hair dye products. You might likely be able to feel better once you stop the application of so many chemicals and products to look delicious.

It is possible that you have already heard about possible ailments associated with the use of hair dye. In these cases, you will look as well as feel significantly better once you stop the application of diverse chemicals and products onto your hair.

12. Getting the chance to stop an endless cycle

You might also like to return to the natural hair color as there can be a lot of drama involved. In case you dye your hair in a color that is completely varied from your own natural color – such as choosing black color instead of light color for your hair, there can be much drama in your house.

Basically, when you do this you simply prolong the inevitable. You have to remain trapped in the endless dyeing cycles for your hair. With restoration to an all-natural appearance, you can put an end to all these vicious cycles.

13. Avoid processing your hair too much

When you avoid coloring your hair and go back to your natural look, there are no risks of having your hair processed beyond limits. It does not actually take much to process your hair look too much processed. All that it takes is putting too many heat products on the scalp, and it will cause turmoil in your stylist.

In case you treat your hair with chemicals or use heat tools already, you should stay away from subjecting your hair to the dying process as well. Return to your natural hair colors and give a much-needed break to your tresses.

No matter what your reason for changing the color of your hair was, you can benefit a lot by letting the color stay as it is and allowing your color to shine.